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Personal Project: Key Signatures

Fiddle Fingering Charts Inspired by Traditional Data Visualization

Info-Viz and Fiddle Practice

In my personal time, I've started learning to play the fiddle (early 2018). A fair bit of my heritage is Scots-Irish and Appalachian which both have (deeply tied) rich musical traditions that feature the fiddle. The Pacific Northwest has its own rich folk music traditions with influences from Celtic and Appalachian cultures, but also Canada, Scandinavia, Native peoples, and a wide variety of other sources. The musicality, history, and tradition all interest me, so I decided the best way to explore all of those was to learn to play. As part of this work I've been looking at a lot of fingering diagrams for the different keys. They're a beginner's utility and generally not particularly pleasing aesthetically. I decided I wanted to take a stab at making something a bit nicer, and figured the time spent would help me memorize my scales. Two birds with one stone. I did my best to draw on what I've learned of info-viz reading and listening to folks like Tufte and tried to apply those principals here. Small multiples, repetition, muted pallets, and limited chart junk. 

A traditional violin fingering chart. Via  Wikipedia . 

A traditional violin fingering chart. Via Wikipedia